Vaccines have eradicated smallpox: now how to eradicate vaccine hesitancy?

Vaccine hesitancy has taken a strong hold of certain communities and has the potential to cause increasingly large, difficult-to-control outbreaks. 

By The Corpus Content Team | 18 January 2021
Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

It's been a busy year for virtual, and here at The Corpus it's been no different. We take a look back at what we've achieved this year.

By The Corpus Content Team | 22 December 2020
Unmet needs in CKD: How HCP and patient education can help bridge the gap in care

An early diagnosis and timely treatment with both old and new standards of care is extremely important, as new mechanisms of action are being investigated and validated.

By The Corpus Content Team | 15 December 2020
How your virtual medical meetings can be just as engaging as face to face

Virtual meetings can be as effective as face to face meetings when they are carefully planned and prepared. At The Corpus, our expertise in digital medical education means we can help you achieve that success through some careful steps, some of which are outlined here.

By The Corpus Content Team | 30 November 2020
What does the future hold for continuing medical education?

As with a lot of annual congresses this year, the 13th Annual European CME Forum went virtual and it was a great success! Over the course of three days, we talked about everything Medical Education/CME/CPD-related and, not surprisingly, with a very heavy focus on online meetings.

By Sarah Stickland | 9 November 2020
Making a Success of Virtual Meetings

Most people would argue that there’s no substitute to meeting face to face, and for good reason. However, we can tell you that virtual meetings — done right — are a great solution.

By The Corpus Content Team | 12 October 2020