CO2 emissions: how much could you save by running your med ed online?

Each meeting run online, rather than in-person, stops more than 2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. Find out how we are helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint by developing virtual global medical education programmes.

By Sarah Stickland | 22 September 2021
Pre-recorded presentations: the way forward for satellite symposia?

As the world adapts to a hybrid lifestyle, how can you make the most of the technology on offer to complement your satellite symposia? These are our top tips for incorporating pre-recorded elements into your meeting.

By The Corpus Content Team | 19 August 2021
Scratching the surface: electrocardiograms and promising cardiac medical devices

With an aging global population, research into streamlining medical devices has enabled remote observation of patients with cardiac issues, both symptomatic and asymptomatic. Matt Colborne looks at recent progress.

By Matthew Colborne | 2 August 2021
Tomorrow’s healthcare systems and the preventative care model

Could a switch to a preventative care model result in a more cost-effective and efficient healthcare system? We explore whether a switch could ultimately lead to a decrease in the volume of sick care required and provide mutual benefits for all stakeholders.

By The Corpus Content Team | 19 July 2021
AI-assisted endoscopy: A genial tool against colorectal cancer

The use of AI to aid diagnosis has increasingly been heralded as an imminent evolution in the world of gastroenterology. As the FDA approves the first AI endoscopic device, what will it mean for physicians?

By The Corpus Content Team | 24 June 2021
Democratising access to educational materials

‘Reflections on…’ is the latest virtual education initiative from The Corpus, delivering the latest therapy area updates from international congresses directly to healthcare professionals worldwide. How do our online initiatives compare to in-person meetings?

By The Corpus Content Team | 1 June 2021