How To Run An Effective Virtual Advisory Board Meeting

Advisory boards are an essential part of brand strategy, but they can be costly and time intensive. Are there ways to make them more effective? Here at The Corpus, we think so!

By Sarah Stickland | 17 February 2020
The Changing Landscape Of Medical Education

The medical affairs environment, and indeed the healthcare industry as a whole, is changing at an unprecedented rate and with this comes the need for effective, efficient and up-to-date medical education.

By Sarah Stickland | 4 February 2020
Leveraging Online Meetings in Healthcare

Digital meetings between pharmaceutical or medical device organisations and healthcare professionals could be considered as an essential tool for forming and strengthening relationships. 

By The Corpus Content Team | 3 February 2020
5 Top Tips To Captivate Your Audience

We have drawn on our wealth of experience to identify the most successful way of keeping audiences engaged throughout a meeting, and now we’re sharing that information with you!

By Sarah Stickland | 21 January 2020
The Dawn of the Digital Decade

The 2010s boldy and unapologetically marched us into a modern digital age, and The Corpus has fully embraced it; cutting edge technology is helping us democratise access to the greatest minds in modern medicine.

By Sarah Stickland | 17 December 2019
Top Trumps: Digital vs. F2F

We are still in an environment where we assume face to face (F2F) is always better. You don’t get the same interaction with an online meeting. Right?


By Sarah Stickland | 2 December 2019