The increasing adoption of augmented reality tech in medicine and healthcare

Augmented reality is revolutionising the world of medicine. In this article, Kathleen Jackson explores why rapid adoption of this new technology is gaining speed and what it means for the future of healthcare. 

By The Corpus Content Team | 18 January 2022
Expansion, carbon-neutrality and augmented reality: just a few things we’ve addressed in 2021

Like everyone else, here at The Corpus we've had a strange 2021 – but have still fit a lot in! We take a look back at what we’ve achieved this past year and look forward to what 2022 might bring.

By The Corpus Content Team | 22 December 2021
Demonstrating real change in clinical practice

Identifying four key areas, The Corpus measured the impact of our medical education meetings in ASCVD: the results demonstrated a clear and immediate educational value for participants. 

By Sarah Stickland | 9 December 2021
The future of non-small-cell lung cancer diagnosis and treatment

Treatment landscapes are constantly evolving and the Lung Cancer therapy area is no exception. In this article, Corpus Content team member Ankur Perry explores the current challenges faced by Oncologists when treating non-small-cell lung cancer, and what future treatment options may look like.

By The Corpus Content Team | 16 November 2021
And the award goes to... The Corpus!

At a time when many companies have moved activities online, The Corpus still leads the way in innovation and scoops the 2021 award for our medical education platform!

By Sarah Stickland | 8 November 2021
Bridging knowledge gaps through collaborative learning: Corpus Communities

A recent survey found that 90% of people are still struggling to find workable online networking solutions. The Corpus is hoping to break down virtual barriers, by introducing new forms of collaborative learning into the digital age.

By The Corpus Content Team | 14 October 2021