What a difference a year makes!

What has changed for the Corpus team since March 2020? We ask the team their thoughts on home working and more.

By The Corpus Content Team | 30 March 2021
Meeting planning, audience engagement and the future of tech: a virtual masterclass

The Corpus team discuss some of the most common issues faced by online meeting organisers.

By Jan Ash | 26 March 2021
Combatting platinum resistance in ovarian cancer

With platinum resistance continuing to be a significant problem, we look at the emerging treatment options making noise in the treatment landscape of “The Whispering Disease”.

By Kathleen Jackson | 18 March 2021
Migraine: more than ‘just a headache’

Despite their struggle with a widespread, debilitating condition, migraine sufferers are often dismissed and stigmatised due to the absence of visible symptoms

By The Corpus Content Team | 24 February 2021
Remyelination therapy: How close are we?

Remyelination therapy is an exciting avenue of research in the battle against multiple sclerosis and could open the door to a more efficient treatment in progressive MS. 

By Matthew Colborne | 11 February 2021
The Corpus scoops not one, but two awards!

The Corpus has been recognised for our work in online medical education with the granting of two prestigious awards from GHP.

By Sarah Stickland | 26 January 2021