So, how does it work?

The Corpus offers a complete solution to our clients; not only by providing an online meeting platform but also through working with your local teams to ensure high-quality professional meetings every time. Get in touch to find out how we can make things easier for you and your team. 

1. Develop

A virtual programme is developed in collaboration with our specialist Steering Committee member

2. Plan

The Corpus will work with your local teams to schedule online meetings with our Expert Faculty

3. Deliver

The Corpus runs a series of meetings, analyses and reports on the outcomes

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Corpus meetings are typically one hour, with half an hour for a global expert to deliver a short presentation, and the remaining half an hour for interactive discussion. At each session, the participant sits via webcam at a ‘digital table’ with up to 20 colleagues; the idea of the small group being to encourage questions and conversation. The intimate interaction between the expert Speaker and the small number of attendees is a key feature that makes The Corpus a unique and much valued educational resource.

Our feedback says it all

94% of participants highly rate the scientific content and balance

92% have more confidence after a Corpus meeting

83% said the Corpus meeting was better than other med ed meetings they’ve attended

96% would recommend a Corpus meeting to their colleague

And now for the techy bit... 

Top-class user experience

Participants can view slides in high-resolution HTML format meaning figures and charts aren’t distorted. Live meetings can also be simultaneously translated into the participants’ preferred language.

Interactive multi-videoconferencing platform

The Corpus’ state-of-the-art virtual meeting platform was custom-built using Google-developed WebRTC technology with high-grade secure video and audio. Our in-house development team can adapt and update the platform to suit your needs.

No software downloads, plugins or add-ins

Meetings can be accessed across browsers and even behind your hospital’s firewall. The easy-to-use technology means you can also join on mobile devices, allowing participants to connect whilst on the move.

A versatile digital platform for all your online virtual-meeting needs 

The Corpus platform lends itself perfectly to any small-group-meeting requirements such as independent medical education (CME-accreditation possible), digital advisory boards, internal training, clinical trial investigator meetings or publishing meetings.

We work hard to minimise client workload at every stage of the meeting process, from recruitment of Faculty through to meeting execution and reporting. We do the work so you and your teams don’t have to! So, if you are tired of the stress and expense involved in getting people together in one room, speak to us today to see how we can help alleviate the pressure.




Virtual Advisory Boards

The Corpus online meeting platform is flexible and versatile in its application, providing the perfect venue for digital advisory boards. 

With the prolific spreading of the Coronavirus, many companies are researching solutions into maintaining business function during this concerning epidemic. To enable the sharing of knowledge and a business as usual attitude, a 300% increase in google searches for “Virtual meetings” has been recently recorded. 

The Corpus provides a state-of-the-art, engaging virtual-meeting room can be a long-term solution for your company throughout this worrying time.

Keeping KOLs engaged

Unlike other virtual ad boards where participants join via an audio link, The Corpus requires users to join with their webcam to maximise engagement and promote active and energised discussion. Having all the KOLs on webcam also makes it easier to have a continuous and flowing discussion, easily identifying who is talking and when someone wants to add their comments.

Content sharing

Slides/presentations can be pre-loaded into the virtual meeting room, or the panel can choose to share their screen during the conversation to illustrate a point or review the latest data they have. The platform can also switch between presenters at the click of a button, allowing easy reallocation of admin rights, or even have multiple presenters at once.

Professional support

The Corpus will provide a Medical Writer to transcribe the meeting and provide a report after completion, as well as make a recording of the meeting available if required. There will also be a Corpus host, and live online technical support throughout the meeting.


The Corpus provides expert programme development and delivery
    • Work with Steering Committee to develop programme learning objectives
    • Identify and recruit a world-class faculty
    • Dedicate a project manager to oversee all aspects of meeting delivery
    • Liaise with sponsor:
      • At global level - reporting, programme overview etc.
      • At local level - arranging suitable meeting dates and times with preferred speaker(s) from the programme
    • Live comprehensive technical support and Corpus host at each meeting

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