The interplay of HIV and NTM-PD

To mark World Aid’s Day (1 December 2022), medical writer Maddy Crabbe discusses the challenges faced by HIV patients, particularly the risks associated with respiratory infections like non-tuberculous myobacteria-associated pulmonary disease. 

By The Corpus Content Team | 1 December 2022
It’s time to eradicate cervical cancer

In May 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global initiative to eliminate cervical cancer as a public health problem,1 where all countries must reach and maintain an incidence rate of below four per 100,000 women. Cervical cancer is the fourth most common female cancer worldwide and one of the top three cancers to affect women younger than 45,1 with an estimated 604,000 new cases and 342,000 deaths in 2020.2 

By The Corpus Content Team | 15 September 2022
Expansion, carbon-neutrality and augmented reality: just a few things we’ve addressed in 2021

Like everyone else, here at The Corpus we've had a strange 2021 – but have still fit a lot in! We take a look back at what we’ve achieved this past year and look forward to what 2022 might bring.

By The Corpus Content Team | 22 December 2021
AI-assisted endoscopy: A genial tool against colorectal cancer

The use of AI to aid diagnosis has increasingly been heralded as an imminent evolution in the world of gastroenterology. As the FDA approves the first AI endoscopic device, what will it mean for physicians?

By The Corpus Content Team | 24 June 2021
Multimarker approaches to Heart Failure therapy and beyond

Could combining multiple biomarkers into one integrated score yield improved patient outcomes? With enhanced identification and stratification, this approach could generate more targeted treatment options.

By The Corpus Content Team | 13 April 2021
Vaccines have eradicated smallpox: now how to eradicate vaccine hesitancy?

Vaccine hesitancy has taken a strong hold of certain communities and has the potential to cause increasingly large, difficult-to-control outbreaks. 

By The Corpus Content Team | 18 January 2021