How your virtual medical meetings can be just as engaging as face to face

Virtual meetings can be as effective as face to face meetings when they are carefully planned and prepared. At The Corpus, our expertise in digital medical education means we can help you achieve that success through some careful steps, some of which are outlined here.

By The Corpus Content Team | 30 November 2020
How To Run An Effective Virtual Advisory Board Meeting

Advisory boards are an essential part of brand strategy, but they can be costly and time intensive. Are there ways to make them more effective? Here at The Corpus, we think so!

By Sarah Stickland | 17 February 2020
5 Top Tips To Captivate Your Audience

We have drawn on our wealth of experience to identify the most successful way of keeping audiences engaged throughout a meeting, and now we’re sharing that information with you!

By Sarah Stickland | 21 January 2020